Why journaling?

Let’s be honest, these days we all spend far too much of our day looking at a screen, often struggling to live ‘in the moment’ and stay focused on the good things in life. Our busy brains are so distracted that it leaves us feeling anxious and although we’re sure we’ll remember those Iittle things that made us smile today, by the next day they’re gone!

‘Journaling’ is essentially the act of putting your thoughts and memories down on paper. It’s hugely beneficial for your mental health and well-being as it’s such an effective way to slow down, focus and reflect on your life.

Making time to sit down and write in a journal can really help you to feel more positive, think about your life in a productive way, capture and relive precious memories that otherwise will be forgotten, unlock your creativity, work through your feelings and take better care of yourself (and others).  

And the good news is that anyone can do it and benefit from clearing their mind and processing their thoughts onto paper! It’s a simple thing you can actually do for yourself now and enjoy re-reading your story later, which can be very insightful! Memory journals in particular can then be enjoyed, shared and treasured by you and your family for years to come.

So where do you start with journaling and how can you stick at it when we’re all so busy? The trick is just to begin, there is no right way of doing it and it isn’t meant to be more admin for you to do. If your journal is simple, fun and makes you feel good then you’ll keep coming back to it!

Which brings me to my Mama Journals mission - to help you take advantage of journaling too and make it as easy, effective and enjoyable for you as possible.

Our current range of journals are focused on memory-keeping (all with self-care elements too) and I’m working on lots of great new products so make sure you sign up to the newsletter below to be kept up-to-date and get more journaling tips ;-)